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We’re basic: Family Day at the Apple Orchard

September 29, 2019

I saw a post recently that said something to the effect of “why would I pay $5 for a bag of apples at the grocery store when I could pay $38 to dress in a sweater in 88 degree weather and take my family to the apple orchard and pick our own?” And that’s what we did yesterday.

My husband and I loaded our sweet girl up into the car and drove three hours to meet his sister and brother-in-law in Wisconsin at the apple orchard they used to go to as kids. During that three hour drive, we discussed at length, the fact that there is an apple orchard five miles from our house that we’ve gone to the last two years. But it’s not three hours away on a bluff and they don’t have apple donuts, so we were really only left with one option – drive to the one with the donuts – obviously.

I did the following, just to make sure we got the full experience:
Dressed myself and my girl in leggings and boots.
Was the mom with a giant DSLR camera snapping pictures the whole time.
Took a bunch of family pictures in front of the orchard and picked zero point zero apples.
Asked my poor husband take pictures of me so I’d have one to post on here and social media.
Sampled cider and cider slushes and waited a good 45 minutes in line for fresh apple donuts (worth it).
Brought a toddler that wiggled and climbed and just wanted to run free the entire time we were in the packed store, so we got to be the parents of the wild child.
Brought a child who also ran up and hugged a stranger and blew kisses to everyone when she wasn’t trying to run away, so I’d say it balanced out.
Stopped by the hunting supply/liquor store (#wisconsin) on our way home, because you cannot leave Wisconsin without a full supply of beer. I’m pretty sure that’s on the sign by the border – “Thanks for coming, did you remember your New Glarus?”

Long story short, we’ll be back next year.

Me: time to move along.
Her: Okay, yeah, but I need to touch every pumpkin first.
Looks like she inherited her mother’s love of donuts.

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